Avalanche Head

Super lightweight 300W all-tube bass amplifier.

LS 210T

Portable 2×10″ bass cabinet with low-b tuning.

LS 115

Portable 1×15″ bass cabinet with low-b tuning.


Heiko Jung

Panzerballett, Klaus Doldingers‘ Passport,
Martin Grubingers‘ The Percussive Planet

Tom Traint

Luke Andrews Band

„I love my LeSuire amp! About a year ago, I was asked if I would like to accompany the British soul legends Simply Red with my band (Luke Andrews Band) as a special guest on their sold-out European tour. Of course we did and Christian’s amp has accompanied me from Paris to Milan, from the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam to the Munich Olympiahalle and much more with great sound! Since then, it has been the absolute first choice for every live and studio job. An insanely great amp, a feast for the eyes and above all the ears, with which I want to and will experience a lot more. Congratulations on this masterpiece, dear Christian“ – Tom Traint

Custom shop

All of our amps are master built and therefore customizable.

Options are:

  • many different tolex or tweed designs
  • different front grille designs
  • logo colors
  • different handles and corners

For ordering or if you need more information, please contact us through the following contact form.

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