Our Story

For us, the amplifier is not just a tool to make music louder but it is an essential part of the instrument itself.

Years of studio and live experience in all kinds of musical genres clearly showed that there’s no alternative to a tube amp regarding sound and feel and to be honest, the success of Ampeg’s SVT was surely no coincidence.

Unfortunately, tube technology also has various disadvantages. Mainly the heavy weight of powerful tube amps is a reason for many to use modern class D amps. Other disadvantages are often discussed reliability issues and the high follow-up costs of worn out tubes.

We challenged ourselves to address those issues with advanced German engineering and developed a modern bass amp without compromising on massive power and true responsive all-tube sound. With many improvements on classic tube circuitry, fresh ideas and modern electronic design concepts we reached our goal and created our first high-end bass amplifier, the LeSuire Avalanche head.

But our claim didn’t end with the amplifier itself.

The best possible sound also requires the best possible speakers.

For us, great speakers should be able to provide a clear and present sound that cuts through, even in difficult live situations. The key to this goal was our precisely implemented low b tuning. To fit the advantages of our amp we set us a weight limit of 15kg for the speakers and even exceeded this target with smart material and constructive decisions.

Our first product lineup contains, beside the Avalanche head, a 1×15” cabinet and 2×10” cabinets with or without an adjustable Tweeter.

To emphasize this direct musical connection you will feel when playing our equipment, we also want to create an emotional connection. Therefore, all of our products are master built custom shop products. With a variety of options available, you decide how your personal amp should look to make it as unique as the music itself.

We have reached a major milestone in completing the development process for our current products and we would love for you to check them out on our website.

But our story is not yet written. Follow us on our social media channels and visit this page regularly and become part of our story.